Snickers And The Chicken Fighter - JOHNNY'S ESCAPE

Johnny wasn?t dead
But he?s been running
Running from himself
Now he?s run again
It doesn?t really matter
How far he want?s to go
But on the other side
He?s in pain

Johnny rushed his adrenaline
And pushed his luck too far
And he burned the road with his v8 Cadillac
It?s not a game and it?s not a toy
You better take it easy boy
You got no direction, just stunning actions

(Go johnny go)

You can run, but you can?t hide
When things aren?t going right
Just try to put your feet back on the ground
And you know she?s dying
And all you do is try to say:
Get me outta?, get me outta? here

Got nowhere to go
When they found a gun in his hand whooa
She?s lying on the floor
You?re running away and running through that door

Yeah you better check this out

I?m sorry for what happened to me
But I?m not losing faith in you
That's about how I feel
And the cops are real
That?s how the story goes
And I got you
Want to be by my side
When everything?s torn and you said it?ll be alright
I won?t crossing too far before it?s too late
Don?t hesitate to call
Let?s get along
Let?s get along

Johnny wasn?t dead
But he?s been tryin?
Tryin? help himself down
Tonight he?s gonna comeback home

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