Snickers And The Chicken Fighter - WE DON'T REALLY CARE

We don?t really care about the problems tonight
We don?t care, yeah we don?t care as long as people like our music
Playin? on their list
We?re singin? loud, we?re singin? proud and we?re sayin?

My plans for today, is blowin? away
Shit happens, and I?ve got nothing to say
We?re living in the worst scenario
?it all comes back to you you're bound to get what you deserved
Try and test that, you?re bound to get served.?
Bradley say it cool, loves within my reach
And, the sublime style still straight from long beach, uh

21, you start to run, but you went stumbling down, you?re head hitting the ground,
When you got nobody listening, no one to share, and you won?t give a fuck when nobody cares
24, back in the show, as the stage light flashing, crowds are ready to blow
Man, don?t push it harder, just take it slow
We don?t give a fuck, it?s time to let go

It?s time to let go

25,26,27,28 you got yourself fixed and start losing your faith
29 and 30 old and dirty
31 life?s getting more fun

We?re playin? loud, we?re playin? proud

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